Social Development & Health Education Samiti

Education is the only way to learn,
how to live a dignified life.
Nutrition and Health is not only,
the matter of availability its a “Right of Child”
Skills development is a key to improving household
productivity, employability and income-earning
opportunities for women.
One small plant become a “Big Tree”
Swarjan Santhan


The organization vision is to address the issues of community development i.e. unemployment, livelihood, health, environment, social welfare and economic development and rights of women and children etc.


Swajan mission is to deliver continuous efforts for providing support to people, organizations and partners for the community development.

Our Location

Swajan Social Development & Health Education Samiti
223, Opposite Padmini Palace Hotel,
Kharbuja Mandi, M.D Road, Jaipur
Rajasthan, India 302004

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